Going live

I'm finally getting my website done, pictures posted, and my name established. I've been thinking of what to name my work since last year. Every name I thought up, I threw at my friends (by the way, thank you for listening to me and putting up with my shit) for their opinions. I almost went with a name relating to "Makoto", because my online alias has been that for years. I'm satisfied with what I settled on.

Hello everyone! My name is Quinton. My family usually pronounced it, "quin-tin". With peoples accents and speech patterns, I've heard them call me "quit-in". Hence, my name. I know that it isn't the best name, since the word "quitting" isn't very appealing, but, I plan to make it stick.

Why "Films"? That is my ultimate goal. I want to tell/create a story, a parody, a comedy, a creative short, a feature film. Webisode, abridged, something to be enjoyed by all. "But, all you have are pictures of cosplayers." Yes. I like how colorful they can be; how creative they can be. Plus, these pictures tell their own stories, too. "So, you're doing both photography and film?" I'm doing what interests me. And both, I have an interest in. 

Okay, I'll stop talking to myself. I'm Quittin' this.


Here, have a picture (of my work)

2017 Anime Boston - Onmyoji (game)

2017 Anime Boston - Onmyoji (game)