CTcon update, filming with Idolized! and completion of other projects...

Hi everyone! To update everyone on my project; My friend, whom creates music, had initially planned to make a track for my CTcon cosplay showcase music video. After some patience with him, he had informed me that things hasn't been going well for him. He has placed projects and non-essential stuff on hold. Therefore, I will be browsing around for a track to edit with the MV. It is not canceled. Just placed lower on priority as other projects has been filmed and pending edit.

A few things that had happened. At Anime Boston 2018, I filmed a Love Live! meet, hosted by Idolized! They have posted videos of the meet on their youtube. Then, at PopCult Anime con 2018, Susume→PARADISE hosted a Love Live meet, which I also filmed (and they made me tear up.) After, at AnimeNYC 2018, Idolized! performed in the masquerade. They were amazing!

I worked with Idolized! recently and filmed a PV with them. Please check them out! They’re an amazing bunch!