Have I told you that I love everyone in Susume→PARADISE?

It was chance that Susume→PARADISE and I was at PopCult Anime Convention in 2017. I had started acquiring equipment to pursue a filming and editing knowledge and to really get into a hobby I can enjoy. I introduced myself to them; more specifically to @daikerien (Nico Yazawa cosplayer at the time.) She led me to @icecatcosplay (Eli Ayase cosplayer) I told them I was a beginner at filming, but had plans learn and build experience of filming and editing. From then on, everything is history.

I just realized that there was one video of Susume→PARADISE that I had forgot to post. We had worked on it a while back. But, I don’t know how I forgot to post it. Anyway, here it is: Susume→PARADISE - Snow Halation PV

For a more recent video that we done together. Susume→PARADISE - Kira Kira Sensation