Months behind update. Cons, Projects, Cosplay, Holidays...

Hi everyone! This update should have been done months ago. For that, I apologize. I’m especially sorry for those whom have been waiting on my Connecticon 2018 cosplay showcase music video. It’s not lost! I happened to want a original soundtrack to it, which is sorta what is holding me back.
I’m still working on videos. I have a few lined up to be worked on. Others scheduled. Please look forward to them! And, thank you for your love and support!

Latest release: Susume→PARADISE - Daisuki dattara Daijoubu! PV

Double update! Susume→PARADISE - Private Wars PV and Anime Boston 2018 Cosplay music video

Keeping up with my trend of being super late when updating my website. I've been quite busy, shooting more videos, editing, and working my day job. I'm still trying to keep up with cosplay, too. This year, I've done Genin version of Neji Hyuuga, Nishimiya Ryo from Sanrio Boys,  and Ignis Scientia from Final Fantasy XV. I have plans for Prince Zuko and a BNHA (My Hero Academia) cosplay. 

Anyway, I should post my video projects! Please enjoy!

And, I hope to see you cosplayers and friends sometime!

-Quittin Films


AAC 2017, with love <3

Another Anime Convention 2017 was a lovely time! Although I was missing, dearly, two friends in particular that couldn't make it, I was able to meet again a lot of my new friends I made throughout this year. My next planned con is Anime Boston 2018, but it's quite possible I that would last minute attend another between now and then.

Please enjoy. Thank you for watching!


Becoming a fan of Love Live!

Yup, you heard me. After working with these lovely ladies, I've noticed that I'm starting to become a fan of their group, Susume Paradise; and, a fan of Love Live. There will be two video updates. One that has already been posted on YouTube, which I will link momentarily. And, one video that is overdue. Another Anime Convention 2017 cosplay video will be posted very soon!

Please enjoy SusuPara's sub-unit BiBi!

Susume Paradise Facebook Instagram Webpage


Susume Paradise and PV!

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I last updated. I've been working on new cosplays. And, I recently met a cosplay group: Susume Paradise. They're a very lovely group, which I had the honor of filming their first PV! Please check out their page and all the cosplayers that are apart of Susume Paradise!





2017 Connecticon - My first time there, let's shoot more videos!

My first trip to Connecticon was a blast! I met up with friends, near and far. We shared our interests, passions, and smiles. Met new people and made more friends. Filmed more cosplayers and made another video. 

I have a few cosplays I'm planning on. Hopefully, I will have them ready for debut at Another Anime Con.

2017 Bancroft Castle gathering

I can't believe I forgot to post this. 

A trip to Bancroft Castle to meet fellow cosplayers. The site is filled with history. And, what better way to make our cosplay look great by going on-site for photos and film. Another entry of my work as I build more experience.

P.S. I've started working on my next cosplay music video. Connecticon!


First video done

After hours of work, file transfers, critiques, and collaboration with friends, I have finally posted my first video. It's a cosplay music video of Anime Boston 2017.  I had tons of fun at Anime Boston this year. I met four new friends and many awesome cosplayers. I've learned more about my camera and accessories, video editing, and the type of work I want to get into. I enjoy it and plan to continue on! 


Going live

I'm finally getting my website done, pictures posted, and my name established. I've been thinking of what to name my work since last year. Every name I thought up, I threw at my friends (by the way, thank you for listening to me and putting up with my shit) for their opinions. I almost went with a name relating to "Makoto", because my online alias has been that for years. I'm satisfied with what I settled on.

Hello everyone! My name is Quinton. My family usually pronounced it, "quin-tin". With peoples accents and speech patterns, I've heard them call me "quit-in". Hence, my name. I know that it isn't the best name, since the word "quitting" isn't very appealing, but, I plan to make it stick.

Why "Films"? That is my ultimate goal. I want to tell/create a story, a parody, a comedy, a creative short, a feature film. Webisode, abridged, something to be enjoyed by all. "But, all you have are pictures of cosplayers." Yes. I like how colorful they can be; how creative they can be. Plus, these pictures tell their own stories, too. "So, you're doing both photography and film?" I'm doing what interests me. And both, I have an interest in. 

Okay, I'll stop talking to myself. I'm Quittin' this.


Here, have a picture (of my work)

2017 Anime Boston - Onmyoji (game)

2017 Anime Boston - Onmyoji (game)